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21st Century Parent
Parents often feel caught between the pressures of today and worries about tomorrow. But you can build strong relationships with your children today that will help steer them towards a fulfilling life. 21st Century Parent is an interactive parenting course designed to help you feel more confident in bringing up your children. We have already run two courses in the relaxed atmosphere of someones home and we are planning to run another one in the new year.

Watch this space for details.

Topics include:
  • You’re not alone
  • The gift of acceptance
  • The testing child
  • A mother looks back
  • Building a sense of value
  • Defending the boundaries
  • Teenagers!
  • Do what you can
The course is produced by Care for the Family, a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those hurting because of family breakdown.
‚Äč Child Dedication

As a Baptist church, we do not baptise infants as we believe they need to make their own mind up as to their belief and faith when they are of an age when they understand what it is all about. However, we do dedicate children to the Lord and thank Him for the gift of a child. We also covenant to bring up our children under God's blessing in a Christian environment where they can thrive and come to a place of making their own mind up on spiritual things. This may or may not involve God-parents and others depending on the circumstances. We do not use water on the child's head but we do make formal promises before God and the church. If you would like to have your child dedicated, then please speak with Steve, our minister, or email him at

Sometimes, people start coming to church and/or come to faith when their children are no longer babies but are still not yet old enough to make up their own mind as to the Christian faith, and they would like to have all their children dedicated. In these circumstances we are more happy to dedicate older children as well.

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