Becoming A Member

Church Membership You don't need to be a formal church member to attend Vale Community Church, nor do you need to be a member to be involved in most of our activities. Indeed, we have a lot of folk who are fully committed to VCC as their home church, but who choose not to become formal members for a variety of reasons. However, as a Baptist Church we must legally define and hold a list of all church members as only church members can make key decisions in the life of the church such as: appointing staff; making important financial decisions; and recognising leaders. This is because Baptist Churches are legally constituted as congregational churches with the legal authority resting with the local church members and not the leadership or national Baptist Union staff. This is quite different from many other denominations where the legal authority rests with leaders/ministers or bishops rather than the membership.

Under our church charitable "Approved Governing Document" (i.e. constitution) applicants for church membership must be committed Christians and believe that VCC is where the God would have them make their spiritual home at this time. We encourage all those who are committed to the church to become members so they can play a full part in the life of the church. Membership applications involve a visit from two church members who will talk about what church membership entails. If everyone is happy that this is right they will then bring a recommendation to the next Church Members Meeting (we meet every three months). Once the membership have agreed to receive the person into membership, this will formally take place at the next Communion service. If you would like to know more about church membership or have a word with one of the leaders.
Church Member's Meetings Meetings are held four times a year, January, April, July(AGM) October on a Wednesday evening at 7.45pm. Our meetings are open to non-members who attend VCC and have an interest in the life of the church.


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